Video Visitation

Securus Video Visiting Terminal1

Remote Video Visitation 

Visitors need to set up an account with Securus Technologies in order to visit or deposit funds on inmate accounts. Accounts can be set up by accessing Securus Technologies on the Internet. A photo I.D. and an email address or phone number is required.

The person who schedules the video visit, whether it is the inmate or the visitor, will be the party charged for the visit. People may deposit money for inmates using the Touchpay kiosks or the website. Please visit Securus Technologies website for current visitation pricing,

Video visits are limited to three per week.  All video visits will be monitored for compliance with facility rules. Any visitor who damages the Video-Visiting equipment shall be subject to immediate arrest or have criminal charges filed against them at a later date.

Conduct and Monitoring

  • Any display of nudity
  • Behavior or actions that are sexual in nature
  • Driving a motor vehicle
  • Use or display of any weapons, drugs/alcohol, or related paraphernalia
  • Activity or display of graphics/paraphernalia associated with any Security Threat Group 
  • Unlawful activity or depiction of unlawful activity
  • Recording/filming of the visit or visit participants by the visitor(s) or any third party
  • Any use of gang signs
  • Encouraging inappropriate behavior (e.g. snapshot from cell phones, 3-way visits through FaceTime or other social app)
  • Making phone calls for other inmates who are on phone or Video Visiting restriction
  • Letting other inmates visit with your visitor
  • Visiting with a visitor who is restricted for either policy violation or no-contact order
  • Visiting with a restricted visitor under another visitors account

A visitor who engages in prohibited conduct may be suspended or terminated from video visiting privileges. Regular visiting privileges may also be suspended/terminated. Allowing an individual who is not an approved visitor to participate in video visiting may also be grounds for suspension.

All video visits will be recorded, and designated employees will monitor video visits for compliance with policy and facility rules.

Visitors who violate any of the above listed codes of conduct will be restricted from visiting for six months.  Pierce County Sheriff’s Department reserves the right to restrict visitation of any person for any reason indefinitely. 

Dress Standards 

Jail staff will terminate your visit if you wear sexually suggestive or inappropriate clothing. Jail staff will consider clothing as being sexually suggestive for a jail setting if it exposes an undue amount of flesh on the chest, back, thigh, or midsection. This includes short shorts, skirts, and dresses; dresses or skirts with high slits; tank tops, halter or tube tops, or other clothing with plunging or low-cut necklines. 

Do not wear tight-fitting or see-through clothing or sheer and loose weave fabrics. Jail staff may consider the absence of undergarments as sexually suggestive.

Video visitation hours are 8:00 AM to 9:30 PM, 7 days a week, and Holidays. 

Securus Video Visitation Cancelations

If you will not be able to attend the visit you scheduled you may reschedule the visit for a later date and time.  Postponements or cancelations must be done 48 hours in advance of the original visit to receive a credit towards a future visit.


You must register to visit by establishing an account with Securus at  If your account is rejected and you correct the error allow us 48 hours to review the account again and get you approved.  After 48 hours you may call 253 798 4590 to get additional assistance with your account.

Visitation is unavailable during certain times due to operational needs, see schedule. 

Due to unforeseen circumstances and events, video visitation may be canceled without notice.

Note: It is the inmate’s responsibility to ensure he/she is available for visitation and to communicate those times to you. 

Friends and Family 

You will be responsible for selecting the correct visiting time for the individual you wish to visit.  Selecting the incorrect time will still be a chargeable visit and a refund will not be issued by Securus Technologies.  If an incorrect time is selected and then canceled by the Pierce County Corrections and Detention Center as an “incorrect selection” you will receive a credit towards another visit. 

Inmates housed in the 701 Nollmeyer Lane facility rotate their time out based on Odd/Even days of the month.  

Bunks 1-42 are the lower tier and bunks 43-84 are the upper tier.

On the odd days of the month the lower tiers will be allowed visitation from 8:00 AM to 2:30 PM, the upper tiers will be allowed visitation from 3:30 PM to 9:30 PM. 

On the even days of the month, the upper tier will be allowed visitation from 8:00 AM to 2:30 PM, the lower tier will be allowed visitation from 3:30 PM until 9:30 PM. 

Inmates housed in the main jail- 910 Tacoma Ave South, will rotate their time out based on Odd/Even days of the month.

Lower tier will be out in morning on the odd numbered days and out in the afternoon on the even numbered days.

Upper tier will be out in afternoon on odd numbered days and out in the morning on even numbered days.

A maximum of 3 persons, to include children, are allowed on site (jail kiosks) per session. 

For remote visits, there is no limit on participants provided the scheduling visitor is required to remain present for the duration of the visit.

Visitors under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian or possess a valid marriage license.

What you will need to visit from home: