Bresemann Forest Trail Project

Project Update
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Come take a walk through a beautiful Pacific Northwest forest on improved trails!  Bresemann Forest is located in Spanaway Regional Park adjacent to the Sprinker Recreation Center at Military Rd. and Bresemann Blvd. in Tacoma. MAP

The trail system and site have been improved and now include a 0.8 mile walking loop, a 0.3 trail across the forest’s center and a variety of primitive trails. Signage was also installed to help you find your way and learn about the bird species who call this forest home.

Trail construction and signage installation was completed in late 2020. We invite you to come check it out!

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About the Project

Bresemann Forest, adjacent to the Sprinker Recreation Center, includes 60 acres of mature and old growth Douglas-fir forest. In an effort to improve visitor experiences and protect critical habitat areas, Pierce County Parks improved the existing trail system at Bresemann and de-commissioned some user trails using native plants. Visitors to Bresemann will notice widened trails with improved connectivity, vegetation management to improve visibility, and new directional and informational signage. 

This project is part of the Pierce County Parks' Natural Lands program's efforts to protect our natural areas while providing opportunities for residents to connect with nature. Improvements to Bresemann Forest are part of a larger plan to renovate Sprinker Recreation Center’s outdoor areas. The trail system will connect Spanaway Regional Park to neighboring communities through the planned Parkland Community Trail.

Proposed Trail Map

Bresemann_Trail Plan
Project Contact

Jessica Stone
Natural Lands Steward
(253) 798-4261 | email