Next Gen Airports


Pierce County - Leading the Charge in Electric and Hybrid Aviation

Next Gen Airports Mission:

Advance Technologies and Innovations in Electric/Hybrid Aviation at our Pierce County airports.  

Councilmember Dave Morell is leading the charge to encourage electric aviation in Pierce County. Through a 2020-21 Biennial Budget Amendment the commitment to electric-hybrid aviation was solidified and supported by the Pierce County Council.

Benefits to Pierce County:

  • Net Neutral financial impact to Pierce County in 5-7 years
  • Regional assets for Economic Development and Business recruitment “Green Jobs” 
  • Transition to renewable energy and zero emissions with electric aircraft
  • Quality of life improvements for Pierce County Citizens in transportation options and noise reductions
  • Work Force development with the expansion of technical education and lower cost flight training

Next Gen Airports tells you Pierce County is serious about our environment, regional transportation, and good stewardship of taxpayer dollars.

What our partners are saying

“Electric aviation has the potential to disrupt transportation in the next 3-5 years on a bigger scale than how the automobile changed transportation in the 20th Century. A big difference, though, in the aviation revolution is that everyone is now mindful of the environment (both noise & emissions) and will design the industry with sustainability at the forefront of all efforts.”

Tim Toerber, Airline Resource & Scheduling Manager

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport

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