Fairfax washout

Fairfax washoutV2

What’s happening

Fairfax Forest Reserve Road East between Mowich Lake Road East and Manley Moore Road East reopened Friday, May 8.

Washout repair work

Fairfax Forest Reserve Road East was closed following a Feb. 6 washout of the road near Manley Moore Road East.

A geotechnical engineer assessed the damaged roadway Feb. 11 and provided a final report March 6. Utility relocation work was completed March 26.

The repair work started April 6. Crews excavated loose slide material and hauled it off-site. They then stabilized the area using rock fill and rebuilt the road surface. 

The road was paved May 7 and striped May 8. 


Carbon River erosion

Fairfax Forest Reserve Road East was eroded at the Mount Rainier National Park gate by high water levels of the Carbon River. 

The road remains closed at the Forest Service Road 7810 Bridge.

The National Park Service is developing options for the repair at the park entrance. 

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