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Project Update

August 8, 2023: Pierce County Parks has begun the detailed design and engineering of Phase 1 of Orangegate Park. During this time, you might see survey crews and survey flags throughout the park related to the Phase 1 design, the forest health project, or Pipeline trail construction. Construction for Orangegate Phase 1 is anticipated in 2025. In the interim, soft-surface trail construction will continue in the park.

July 10, 2023: Thank you for your feedback during the master planning process. Your responses shaped the Master Plan. The Pierce County Council adopted the Orangegate Park Master Plan update on October 5, 2021. 

Resolution 2021-168 Orangegate Park Master Plan Update

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OGP Master Plan Final Site Plan
About the Project

In 2020-21, Pierce County Parks worked with the community surrounding Orangegate Park and future park users to update the Orangegate Park Master Plan. The first master plan was developed in 2007 but never implemented. The Master Plan update was adopted in 2021. 

Project Schedule

  • 2021 Master Plan Update adopted 
  • 2022-23 Design and construction of Phase 1 improvements and construction of soft surface trails
  • 2023 Construction of Pipeline Trail and Trailhead at Orangegate Park
  • 2024 Construction of Phase 1 park improvements and construction of soft surface trails
  • TBD Phase 2 park improvements

About the Park

Orangegate Park is an undeveloped approximately 150-acre property that is located in the Summit-Waller community at the intersection of 84th Street East and 46th Avenue East. The property is split by the Tacoma Water Pipeline, which will be developed with a new trail in 2023, and 84th Street East. Pierce County Parks purchased the property from the Washington Department of Natural Resources in 1998.

Project Contact

Sean Hanberg, Project Manager
253-798-4739 | email