Half Dollar Park Master Plan

Project Update

In 2020-21, Pierce County Parks will work with the community surrounding Half Dollar Park and future park users to develop a master plan for the property. The master planning process will consider different potential park amenities and gather public feedback to determine which improvements will best serve the community.

Construction of Half Dollar Park is anticipated to take place in 2022-23, following the same timeline as construction of Pipeline Trail, which will cross through the park. Construction will include a trailhead for Pipeline Trail and other park amenities identified through the master planning process. 

Project Schedule

Pierce County Parks anticipates hiring a consultant to assist with public outreach and site feasibility studies in Spring 2020. Site feasibility work will take place in Summer 2020, and public outreach will begin in Fall 2020. The Master Plan will be completed and published in the first half of 2021, and design and engineering of Phase 1 improvements will take place through the remainder of 2021 to prepare for construction to start in 2022.

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About the Project

Half Dollar Park is an undeveloped approximately 3.5 acre property that is located in the South Hill area along the west side of 94th Avenue East between 120th and 122nd streets. The property is split by the Tacoma Water Pipeline, which will be developed as part of Pipeline Trail in 2022-23.  

Project Contact

Tiffany Odell
Senior Planner
253-798-4254 | email