Carbon River Corridor Cooperative Action Plan

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Project Update

Historic Coke Ovens in Wilkeson, WA

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In 2020-22, Pierce County Parks worked with property owners, community members, and recreational groups interested in the future of the Carbon River Corridor to develop the Carbon River Corridor Cooperative Action Plan. The planning area includes the area between the Town of Wilkeson and the Carbon River entrance to Mount Rainier National Park. 

Thank you for everyone who worked with us to identify concerns and opportunities to move this plan forward. In Spring 2022, steering committee members expressed their support of the Plan, and in November 2022, the Pierce County Council adopted a Resolution of support for the implementation of the plan. 

Carbon River Corridor Cooperative Action Plan

Look for updates from the Coordinating Council and the Plan's Independent Coordinator in 2023 for ways to get involved. 

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About the Project

Project Background

Pierce County Parks manages approximately 1,700 acres in the Carbon River Corridor (Carbon River Valley, Fairfax Properties, and Fairfax Town Site). These properties are currently undeveloped but may provide opportunities for future recreation and visitor services in the area. 

Pierce County is co-managing the development of the Cooperative Action Plan with the National Park Service, Rivers, Trails, and Conservation Assistance Program

The Cooperative Action Plan builds on the 2003 Carbon River Corridor Charette with a focus on developing visitor services in the area that meet demand while protecting important environmental and cultural resources, as well as balancing the character desired by local residents.

Pierce County worked with a Steering Committee of major landowners in the Corridor and the public to develop an actionable plan with a 10-year planning horizon identifying actions that a Coordinating Council could move forward in that time period. The Coordinating Council will work with the local community, stakeholders, and visitors to the Corridor to improve visitor access and address challenges. 

Project Contact

Roxanne Miles, Director, Pierce County Parks and Coordinating Council Chair

John Laughery, North Region Manager, Pierce County Parks