Carbon River Corridor Cooperative Action Plan

Project Update

Historic Coke Ovens in Wilkeson, WA

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In 2020-22, Pierce County Parks worked with property owners, community members, and recreational groups interested in the future of the Carbon River Corridor to develop the Carbon River Corridor Cooperative Action Plan. The planning area includes the area between the Town of Wilkeson and the Carbon River entrance to Mount Rainier National Park. 

Thank you for everyone who responded to our survey in Summer 2020 to inform the plan and submitted comments during our plan review in late 2021. Your comments helped shape the draft plan. 

The final plan is available for review now:

Carbon River Corridor Cooperative Action Plan

The plan was presented at public meetings with the Carbon River Forum and Pierce County Parks Citizens Advisory Board in Spring 2022. The Pierce County Council will consider a Resolution supporting the implementation of the Cooperative Action Plan in mid-2022. The time and date will be posted here when it is scheduled.

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About the Project

Project Background

Pierce County Parks manages approximately 1,700 acres in the Carbon River Corridor (Carbon River Valley, Fairfax Properties, and Fairfax Town Site). These properties are currently undeveloped, but may provide opportunities for future recreation and visitor services in the area. 

Pierce County is co-managing the development of the Cooperative Action Plan with the National Park Service, Rivers, Trails, and Conservation Assistance Program

The Cooperative Action Plan will build on the 2003 Carbon River Corridor Charette with a focus on developing visitor services in the area that meet demand while protecting important environmental and cultural resources, as well as balancing the character desired by local residents.

Project Schedule

In 2020, Pierce County began discussions with property owners and the community, interviewed stakeholders and surveyed the public. A Steering Committee of landowners and public agencies was formed to develop a draft plan. The public review draft was released in Fall 2021, and the final draft plan was released in Spring 2022. The Pierce County Council will consider a Resolution to support implementation of the plan in mid-2022. 

Wilkeson Info Kiosk

Carbon River Area Recreation Kiosk

A new kiosk and signage installed in the town of Wilkeson mark early milestones for Pierce County Parks’ Carbon River Valley cooperative action plan. The project’s purpose is to develop a plan adopted by major landowners that outlines current and future recreational opportunities in the Carbon River Valley, between Wilkeson and the Carbon River Ranger Station at Mount Rainier. The plan seeks to provide more public access to recreation while balancing conservation of the environment and cultural resources.

The new Carbon River area informational kiosk is just one step toward an organized approach to visitor support facilities and programs. The kiosk is the product of a collaboration between multiple partners who want to help visitors safely recreate in the area. This is especially important due to the limited food, water, gas, and cellphone services beyond the town of Wilkeson.  

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Project Contact

Tiffany Odell, Senior Planner                                  
253-798-4254 | email