National CDBG Week

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National Community Development (CD) Week, April 13-17, 2020, provides the opportunity for communities to highlight the impact of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and HOME programs in a weeklong celebration. The objective of National Community Development Week is to educate the community and Congressional Members on the CDBG and HOME programs, their impact on the community, and the need for increased program funding. 

The Citizens’ Advisory Board assists the County with implementation of federally funded programs and activities through Community Development Block Grants. View their past funding recommendations here or read on to view some of our featured Community Development Block Grant projects!

The next CDBG public facilities Notice of Funding Availability will be published in Oct. 2020 for contracts that start July 1, 2021. Get more information here.

Eatonville Family Agency

The Eatonville Family Agency (EFA) serves rural South Pierce County through its mission to reduce the impact of poverty through a variety of social services and community programs. The Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funding allows EFA to staff well-organized and efficient programs like the Food Pantry, the Back Pack Program (weekend meals for kids), the free After School Program K-5, the Summer Program K-8, the Monthly Kids game night, Monthly Community Dinners, the on-site SNAP Benefit Advocate, Training Worksite (partnering with DSHS Career Path and Good Will SCSEP Program), Senior Activities, Free Medical Clinic monthly, Census 2020 site, and much more.

EFA Composite

The Eatonville Family Agency’s primary focus is the Food Pantry because the need to connect low income families with food and resources has more than doubled over the last five years. In 2019, EFA provided 131,655 meals to a total 14,421 Food Pantry clients – a marked increase over the 6,394 Food Pantry clients served in 2014. The Eatonville area is designated a food desert, with one small grocery store nearby and the closest larger chain store is 25 miles away from our site. This food barrier creates great hardship on families that are already struggling to make ends meet. Without the food pantry to help ease their food burdens 81% of clients stated that their lives would be moderately to severely impacted.

Alana Smith, Executive Director says, “We are so grateful for the partnership we have shared over the years and could not do the greatly needed work we do without those involved with the Pierce County Community Development Block Grant.” She goes on to relate one of many success stories: “John came to us through a work program. He was able to use the food bank and the programs we collaborate with to supplement his food costs. During the year, he passed the test to be a physician’s assistant and was able to get his life back on track for himself and his son.”

Making Homes Safe with CDBG Assistance

Donna of Edgewood lived in a house with century-old siding covered in lead paint. Through the Community Development Block Grant, which funds the Pierce County Home Rehabilitation Loan program, she was able to get the siding, roof, windows and doors replaced, along with other safety-related repairs. Other health and safety-related repairs included updating substandard wiring, electrical panel, kitchen floor and installation of a barrier-free shower enclosure for her mother who is aging in place.

The Home Rehabilitation Loan Program is funded by the Pierce County Community Development Block Grant and it provides low-interest loans of up to $60,000 for low-income homeowners in Pierce County to improve their housing conditions. Loans for disability modifications up to $7,500 are provided at zero interest and are forgiven over seven years. The program is a revolving fund; as loans are repaid, those funds become available to help others improve their homes and address issues that threaten their health and safety.

Before Exterior of house
After Exterior of house

Town of Carbonado Water Source Improved with CDBG Assistance

With the use of a $300,000 Pierce County Community Development Block Grant funding award, the Town of Carbonado was able to upgrade and increase the efficiency of its Camp Creek Springs water source collection and transmission facilities. The work was completed last March 2019 and included replacing open channels with piping which improves the water quality by reducing the amount of sediment, debris and tannins in the water. This project also allows more of the spring water to be collected so the town can meet its water needs during times of increasing drought and reduces the amount of labor required to operate and maintain the system.

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