The Pierce County Jail is awaiting guidance from the CDC on next steps for correctional facilities. Visitations are still restricted and the public reception desk remains closed. Family and friends of inmates can continue to post money on inmates’ accounts online at or by phone at 1-866-232-1899.

PC Jail FAQs

  • Can I visit in person?
    • No, both public reception areas are currently closed.   Inmates still have access to telephones as well as to video visitation.  See the Jail Video Visitation Page for more information on Video Visits.  
  • What are you doing to keep my family member/friend safe while they are in custody?
    • While the courts, not jails, determine how long someone is in custody, we have worked in partnership with courts – as well as public defenders, prosecutors, and law enforcement agencies – to quickly and safely decrease the number of people who are in custody to provide our staff with the best opportunity to keep everyone healthy and safe.
  • While incarcerated, how are you protecting inmates from being infected by other inmates?
    • Medical screening prior to admittance to our facility; masks; daily screening/temp checks
  • How are you protecting your staff from possible infection?
    • Daily screening/temp checks BEFORE entering our facility; disposable surgical masks; cloth masks to protect each other and inmates
  • How are you protecting both inmates and attorneys while ensuring that inmates’ legal rights are protected?
    • VERY limited access to our facility – when necessary utilizing partitioned access (no true face-to-face). ALL TEMPS ARE BEING CHECKED WHEN ENTERING BUILDING
  • What are you doing to ensure adequate medical staffing?
    • We have contract medical providers. Staffing remains the same
  • Since families are not allowed to visit, how are you making it possible for inmates to connect with loved ones on the outside?
    • Identical to most facilities across the country (to include nursing homes, etc.), in-person visitation is prohibited in order to stem potential spread of the COVID-19 virus and to comply with CDC guidance. In addition, we have initiated video visitation for individuals held in our Direct Supervision jail (equipment installation was just recently completed) and have continued installation of same in our Main facility. Securus, our contract provider, has designated additional phone time to all inmates at no cost to them.