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Check Calendar for exact times. Click the watch link to see if this department is on the record.  Court Calendars may be completed early resulting is the courtroom being offline when you click to watch a courtroom.  Proceedings are livestreamed at the discretion of the court, depending on the nature of the proceeding, whether the proceeding is occurring live or remotely, and whether there is space for visitors in the gallery of the courtroom.

Some court proceedings are not live streamed and can only be viewed within the courthouse, including, but not limited to:

  • Restraining Orders
  • Adoptions
  • Juvenile Matters
  • Civil Commitments

Superior Court Dept.JudgeCommentsClick to View
Department 1James R. Orlando
Department 2Timothy L. Ashcraft
Department 3Michael E. Schwartz
Department 4Bryan Chushcoff
Department 5Shelly K. Speir
Department 6Thomas Quinlan
Department 7Diana KieselTo obtain a Zoom link to view Department 7 matters, please contact: [email protected]Watch
Department 8Grant Blinn

Department 9Edmund MurphyJudge Murphy is presiding in Courtroom 260, CDPJ - the courtroom is open to the public and not live streaming.Watch
Department 10Garold E. JohnsonNo live streaming, to obtain Zoom link contact JA by email – [email protected]
Department 11Susan AdamsTo obtain a Zoom link to view Department 11 matters, please contact:  [email protected]Watch
Department 12Stephanie A. Arend
Department 13Matthew ThomasTo obtain a Zoom link to view Department 13 matters, please contact: [email protected]Watch
Department 14Sabrina M. Ahrens

Therapeutic dockets are live streamed on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. For all other matters, please contact: [email protected] to obtain a Zoom link to view Department 14 proceedings.

Department 15Gretchen LeandersonDrug Court, Family Recovery Court, and Department 15 dockets are live streamed – click on the watch link. For Friday morning Family Recovery Court dockets only: please contact: [email protected] to obtain a Zoom link to view Friday morning Family Recovery Court proceedings.
Department 16Elizabeth Martin  
Department 17Karena Kirkendoll
Department 18Stanley J. Rumbaugh
Department 19Philip K. Sorensen
Department 20Kitty-Ann van DoorninckLivestreaming is not available for Juvenile Court mattersWatch
Department 21Clarence Henderson Jr
Department 22Alicia Burton

Livestreaming is not available for Juvenile Court matters

Civil Division ACourtroom 100
Civil Division BCourtroom 117Monday - Thursday morning dockets are available for livestreaming.  Friday morning and all afternoon domestic violence dockets are not available for livestreaming.
Civil Division CCourtroom 407

Additional Superior Court Courtroom Streams

Courtroom 270

Criminal Division Arraignments

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