Completing Your Appeal Petition

Submitting a Petition

Check the tax parcel number you enter on the petition. Make sure it contains 10 digits and that it is the correct parcel for the location you are appealing. Only one parcel number is allowed per petition. If you have other parcels you wish to appeal, you must submit each one on a separate petition. You may reproduce the forms as needed in the current year.

Your Responsibilities

The assessor-treasurer, by law, is presumed to be correct in the assessment of property. It is your responsibility to prove that the assessor-treasurer is in error. Your original petition, at the time of filing, must contain information supporting your estimate of value.


For residential property, this can be a listing of physical problems to the land or an improvement or comparable sales of other property that sold within the past five years. The assessment year begins January 1, and most assessments are based on sales prior to that date.


For commercial property you must attach a copy of the income and expenses information for the past two years and, if applicable, rent rolls or lease agreements for the same. This is required for all commercial / industrial lands. If you have an outside appraisal, submit it in support of your argument.

Additional Information

If you are not the owner, but have been authorized to file a petition, the owner must either sign the back of the petition in the Power of Attorney area, or sign a letter of authorization which states the property name and/or parcel number, the company or name of the authorized party and which year the party is authorized to submit the petition. Date the document. Letters of agency authorization must be notarized and updated yearly.