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Project Update

Parks completed an ADA Transition Plan* in December 2017. Since then, Parks has worked steadily to address accessibility deficits during the course of regular park maintenance and new construction. Construction to fully correct deficits at Spanaway Park will begin in summer of 2021.

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About the Project

Pierce County Parks is committed to making park sites, programming, and communications welcoming and accessible to all. Pierce County Parks and Recreation conducted access audits which identified access deficits at 17 parks. We also reviewed department policies regarding public interaction, and ways Department staff provide program modifications for people with disabilities. This resulted in the completion of Access Audit Reports for individual park sites, and a Program and Policy Accessibility Audit Report. Together, these reports satisfy the “self-evaluation’” requirement of Title II of the ADA, Section 35.105. See the “ADA Conclusions and Recommendations Report” in the Documents page below for more information.

We also used the findings of the site audits as well as public input, to create an ADA Transition Plan* for County park facilities. The plan, completed in December 2017, satisfies the Transition Plan requirement of  Title II of the ADA, Section 35.150(d).


*A transition plan is a phased retrofit schedule for every access deficit identified in the access audit reports.

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Program Area Maps

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ADA Grievance Process

Project Contact

Benjamin Barrett, Design and Construction Supervisor
(253)798-4081 | email