Public Participation Program

Photo of Community Plan Updates Open House
The public participation program informs residents, property and business owners, and other stakeholders on how to learn about or initiate proposed land use changes, and how to provide feedback to County decision makers. The goal of the program is to encourage public input and to foster diverse viewpoints for the County to consider before taking final action on revisions to the Comprehensive Plan and implementing development regulations.

Public Comment in the Decision-Making Process

The Pierce County Planning and Public Works Department oversees the public involvement in the local Comprehensive Planning process up until a proposal is before the Pierce County Council. The Council is the final decision-making body that approves policy direction and regulations. This decision-making process also includes recommendations from the Planning Commission and, at times, land use advisory commissions.

How to Get Involved

Public participation is a two-way process. Citizens provide information that is needed to develop and implement the Comprehensive plan and development regulations, and at the same time, receive information about local issues and potential solutions. An informed community and informed leaders create a better framework in planning.

Stay informed
Receive email notifications by signing up to receive automatic emails about upcoming meetings and information related to the County’s Comprehensive Planning activities.

Attend public meetings and provide comments
Meetings, such as Planning Commission and County Council hearings, provide opportunities for public comment and participation. Your attendance can directly impact the decision-making process. Meetings will be advertised and posted on the County’s website.

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