128th Street Comprehensive Setback Levee Feasibility Study

About the Project

Pierce County Planning and Public Works is conducting a feasibility study to help alleviate the flooding risk and impacts along both the right and left banks of the Puyallup River, near the 128th Street East bridge crossing. Though levees are present along both banks of the Puyallup River, this area experiences widespread flooding due to insufficient channel capacity and existing levee protection. Levee setback features help to minimize risk from flooding to nearby property and infrastructure and improve fish habitat. 

The objective of this study is to evaluate how levee setbacks would benefit and effect the surrounding natural environment and community.


Throughout this study, Pierce County is committed to working with the community and nearby property owners to develop alternatives and prioritize potential future projects.

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Contact Us

Pierce County staff is available to provide presentations about the study upon request.

Angela Angove, Project Manager

[email protected]


Randy Brake, Project Manager


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Recent Survey Results

To better understand residents and stakeholders experiences with flooding and their preferences for future flood risk reduction projects, Pierce County recently conducted an online survey. Thank you to those of you who responded! Your responses will make sure that we are including important information in the study and prioritizing the right values as the work continues.

What did we hear?

  • Most survey participants live or own property near the study area and feel that flooding reduction will benefit them directly.
  • Many of the survey participants have experienced flooding, ranging from low to severe in nature.
  • This community values safeguarding the river and wants to understand how widening the river may affect farms and nearby neighbors.
  • Flooding has caused changes to the landscape, blocked access roads, and damage to property and habitat.

What will we do with the feedback?

  • The results from this survey help us learn from the community’s experiences with flooding near the 128th Street Bridge. We will use this to identify areas of concern for nearby neighbors, how the community and landscape has changed as a result of flooding and ensure that we are prioritizing the values of this community.
  • We heard that you want to stay connected, so as this study progresses we will send periodic updates about progress in the field and we will continue to be available for community briefings and questions.

If you would like to complete the survey, it is still open. We would like to hear from you. Click on the orange box above that reads "Take Survey".

What’s Happening

The 128th Street Comprehensive Levee Setback Feasibility Study will prioritize up to four setback levee projects to reduce flood risks to areas that have experienced repeated flooding. Of the four proposed levee setbacks, any one setback will likely influence all three of the others. Therefore, all the setbacks need to be evaluated concurrently. 

Field crews have completed the data collection portion of the study. The technical team is now working on developing several hydraulic modeling scenarios which will be shared in the draft report anticipated in 2021.

The study is funded through the end of 2021. Pierce County is consulting with Environmental Science Associates (ESA) for conducting research for this study. Findings will consider stakeholder feedback and community safety as well as potential benefits to agricultural operations and salmon habitat.

Stakeholders & Community

We are committed to engaging stakeholders early and keeping the community involved throughout this study process.

A series of open houses, mail notices, surveys and interviews and will be available to the community and to those directly impacted by this project. Based on evolving social distancing guidelines from local, state, and federal public health agencies, open houses and other outreach may take place online throughout this project. We will share the most up to date information here as it is available.

Project Map & Location

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The project area is east of State Route 162, west of McCutcheon Road East, south of 112th Street East and north of 144th Street East. Along both the right and left banks of the Puyallup River between river miles 15.7 and 17.5, bisected by the 128th Street East bridge crossing (and north of the City of Orting limits).

Project Funding

Capital project, part of the Pierce County River Flood Hazard Management Plan and Capital Facilities Plan.

 Project Timeline

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Other efforts are underway that address infrastructure in the area. 

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