What is Jury Duty?

Jury duty is one week or until dismissed by the court. Your term of jury service is generally one week. However, this time may be extended if you are selected for a trial which may take longer than your original service requirement.  Once you are assigned to a jury panel, you will stay on that case until the court releases you from your commitment. 

If you cannot make this commitment, you will need to provide a letter from your employer, health care provider or let us know of other reasons.   Please visit our Reasons for Being Excused from Jury Duty page for more information.

  1. Your Time Commitment
  2. Please Respond
  3. Location
  4. What Time?

Your Time Commitment

 We are asking if you can make the commitment to be on a trial that could last a few days, a week or more.

    • Orientation and voir dire may last all day, or possibly 2 to 3 days.
    • Cases are 2 to 10 days long on average.
    • Jurors come in Monday through Thursday.
    • You are only here on a Friday if you are in deliberation.
    • Once again, plan to be here most of the week or even into next week.
    • Listen carefully when you are in court for the time commitment expected for that specific trial.