Stay Active & Independent for Life Classes

Strength & Balance

Falls are the leading cause of injury-related hospitalization for older adults in Washington State. Many of these falls are caused by:
  • Gradual health changes due to aging
  • Chronic health conditions
  • Regular medication use
  • Changes in muscle strength
  • Changes in vision
  • Changes in walking ability
Don't fool yourself. Making exercise a regular part of your life takes motivation, commitment and effort. By learning how to manage these health factors, you can learn to Stay Active and Independent for Life!
  • It works
    • You'll be stronger, have better balance and feel better. This will help you stay independent, active and prevent falls.
  • It's safe
    • The instructors are experienced and skilled, and exercises have been tested with seniors.
  • It's fun
    • You'll meet other seniors and make new friends.
One-hour classes are held three times each week at the locations listed below. Class start dates, schedules and costs vary by site.

Class Sites

Please call individual sites for class dates and times

Beacon Activity Center

415 So. 13th St. Tacoma
Ph: (253) 591-5083

Centre at Norpoint

4818 Nassau Ave. NE, Tacoma
Ph: (253) 591-5504

Key Peninsula Community Services

17015 9th St. Ct. KPN, Lakebay
Ph: (253) 884-9924

Lakewood Senior Center

9112 Lakewood Dr. SW, Lakewood
Ph: (253) 798-4087

Life Manor Independent Living

1601 South Union Ave., Tacoma
Ph: (253) 770-3803

Lighthouse Senior Center

5016 E. ''A'' St., Tacoma
Ph: (253) 591-5080

Mid-County Community Center

10205 44th Ave., Tacoma
Ph: (253) 531-8412

Mountain View Community Center

3607 122nd Ave E, Suite A., Edgewood
Ph: (253) 826-4329 x105

Orting Multipurpose Center

202 Washington Ave. South, Orting
Ph: (360) 893-5827

University Place Senior Center

2534 Grandview Dr., University Place
Ph: (253) 564-1992

The Weatherly Inn

6016 N. Highlands Pkwy., Tacoma
Ph: (253) 752-8550

S.A.I.L. Guide

This is a handy 25-page guide for individuals who want to make a special effort at reducing falls through exercise, personal safety and the elimination of common risk factors. The guide includes chapters on:
  • Building Your Exercise Plan
  • Understanding Your Health Issues and Exercise
  • Managing Your Health Care Needs
  • Staying on Your Feet
  • Keeping Yourself Independent Through Home Safety
  • In Case of Emergency: What to Do If You Fall
  • My Falls-Free Plan
For additional information or for printed copies of the S.A.I.L. guide, call (360) 236-2836.

S.A.I.L. Leader Training

Become a S.A.I.L. leader

Learn more about becoming a S.A.I.L. instructor. It's a terrific opportunity to help yourself as well as others. Classes are offered through Pierce College.