Sprinker Outdoor Improvements

Project Update

Sprinker Recreation Center Outdoor Improvements Move Into Final Design!

As funding is secured for this project, we are hard at work to #SpruceUpSprinker! Construction is planned to run Spring 2023 - Spring 2024 on these amazing features:

  • A regional spray park and nature-based playground for kids of all ages and abilities
  • A Futsal Court where 5 on 5 soccer teams can compete or players can practice and improve their techniques
  • An adult outdoor fitness center allowing parents to exercise while kids take lessons or play
  • Refurbished basketball courts
  • Two synthetic turf ballfields
  • A connection to the Parkland Community Trail, a project that will connect all schools and parks north of Sprinker to Pacific Lutheran University
  • Picnic shelters and a community event lawn
  • A renovated park entry including a plaza for events
  • ADA upgrades throughout
  • Parking and safety improvements

Sprinker's Local Match Fundraising Goal Has Been Met! 

Thank you to all of the generous donors and to our partners at ForeverGreen Trails who made this possible. Because of you, Parks is able to access $1 million in grant funding to #SpruceUpSprinker !

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About the Project

Pierce County Parks is working to improve outdoor features at Sprinker Recreation Center.  In 2017, a Master Plan for Sprinker site improvements was created based on public surveys and open houses. The Master Plan expands the variety of uses at the park, increases capacity, enhances pedestrian and neighborhood connections, improves sustainability and creates a safe, inviting experience for everyone. 

Using public input from fall 2019 and spring 2020, a preferred design was developed. For a closer look at the preferred design, check out these other resources:

The remaining improvements proposed in the 2017 Master Plan, including a 4-field complex in the northwest corner, will be constructed in a future phase, as funding is secured. 

The construction budget for the Phase 1 improvements is approximately fourteen million dollars. These funds are comprised of Parks Impact Fees, State Recreation Grants, Real Estate Excise Tax, and Parks Sales Tax.

Sprinker has been approved for the following Washington State Recreation and Conservation Office (RCO) grants which will help to offset the costs:

  • Youth Athletic Fields
  • Land and Water Conservation Fund, and
  • Local Parks Category of the Washington Wildlife and Recreation Program
Outreach Summary

From October 2019 to early 2020, we took early design ideas to the public and collected input to understand which program elements are most important to the community. Thanks to all who participated!

Here’s what we heard:

  • Participants were especially interested in the following features:
    • Walking trails
    • Open lawn areas and flexible event spaces
    • Picnic areas
    • Spray park
  • Other elements that were important to community members include:
    •  Multi-purpose synthetic turf fields
    • Parking lot improvements
    • Formal park entryway

Check out the public outreach summary for more detail or view the full set of materials (43 MB) from the October 2019 meeting.

Project Contact

Benjamin Barrett, Capital Projects Manager
(253) 798-4081 | email