2024 Elections Social Media Toolkit

We love proud Pierce County Voters

Thank you for helping spread the word about 2024 Elections. We appreciate you! 

Toolkit Instructions
  1. Download the images below that you would like to share on social media. The moving graphics will download automatically as a .ZIP file. The other graphics will open in a new tab - you must right click and select ’save as’ to complete the download. There are sizes and file formats for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. 
  2. Copy and paste suggested post messaging (on the bottom of this page). While it’s okay to write your own copy, we recommend using our suggestions to avoid any factual errors or miscommunication. 
  3. Post on your social media pages. You can tag the Pierce County Auditor on each platform.

Facebook Opens in new window Twiter Opens in new window Instagram Opens in new window LinkedIn Opens in new window

Moving Graphics/GIF Instruction
Instagram - Must use the MP4 file to display motion.
Facebook - Must use the GIF or MP4 file to display motion.
Twitter - Must use the GIF to display motion.
LinkedIn - Must use GIF or MP4 to display motion.

Instagram Downloads

prepared to vote_Instagramupdate registration_Instagramdonut delay_InstagramLWV Forums_Instagram
Register to vote 2_InstagramFuture in Your Hands_InstagramRegister to vote_Instagramdont be seally_Instagram
Vote-Vote-Vote_InstagramGo Vote_InstagramVote-Lemons_InstagramVote-Flowers_Instagram

Facebook Downloads

prepared to vote_Facebookupdate registration_Facebookdonut delay_FacebookLWV Forums_Facebook
Register to vote 2_FacebookFuture in Your Hands_FacebookRegister to vote_Facebookdont be seally_Facebook
vote vote vote_FacebookGo Vote_FacebookVote Lemons_FacebookVote Flowers_Facebook

Twitter/LinkedIn Downloads

prepared to vote_Twitterupdate registration_Twitterdonut delay_TwitterLWV Forums_Twitter
Register to vote 2_TwitterFuture in Your Hands_TwitterRegister to vote_Twitterdont be seally_Twitter

Instagram/Facebook Stories

Facebook Profile Picture Frames

To use these frames on Facebook, click on your profile picture and select "update profile picture". Select the prompt that says "Add Frame". In the search bar, type in "Pierce County" and select the frame you wish to use.  


Instagram Story Stickers

To use these gifs/stickers on your Instagram story, search for "Pierce County" in the GIPHY search bar.  


Post Message Ideas
Voter Registration
  • Your vote matters. That’s why it’s important you’re registered! Register to vote online in less than 5-minutes at VoteWa.gov. Thanks for being a Pierce County Voter! #PierceCoVotes
  • Registering to vote is easy! Head to VoteWa.gov now to register online. Need assistance? Call 253-798-VOTE (8683). 
  • Hey Pierce County! We want you to vote. You can register to vote online in less than five minutes. Hurry over to VoteWa.gov and register to vote online today. #ProudPierceCoVoter
Get Out and VOTE!
  • Don’t delay! You can mark and return your ballot as soon as you receive it in the mail. You can return your ballot for free using USPS mail or a ballot drop box. Visit PierceCountyElections.org to learn more or find a drop box near you. 
  • Your vote matters. Have questions or need assistance for election? Call the Pierce County Elections team and they can help! 253-798-VOTE (8683).
  • Your vote is your voice. Don't sit this election out. Get your ballot returned before 8 p.m. on election day. Find a drop box near you by visiting PierceCountyElections.org.
Update Your Voter Registration
  • It’s important to verify that your voter registration profile is up-to-date. Login to VoteWa.gov and double-check your registration status, address and contact information. Thanks for being a Pierce County Voter! #PierceCountyVotes
  • Be a prepared voter! Login to VoteWa.gov and double-check your registration status, address and contact information. You have until 8 days before the election to make changes to your registration. If you miss the deadline, you can still make changes to your registration in -person at the Pierce County Election Center in Tacoma.