Utility Manual Update

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The 6th Edition of the Manual on Accommodating Utilities in Pierce County Rights-of-Way has been adopted by the Pierce County Council. The new edition will go into effect Aug. 1, 2021. Read the ordinance and the 6th Edition of the manual.

Changes include:

  • Permit fee increases 
  • A new “Dig Once” policy that promote broadband access and speed upgrades
  • Clarifications on permitting requirements
  • Updates on emergency repair procedures
  • Updates to Appendix A definitions and Appendix B forms


Pierce County invited utility providers to provide feedback on proposed updates to the manual in Summer 2020. Several revisions were made to the draft manual based on feedback submitted by utility providers and other Pierce County Planning and Public Works divisions.

The Pierce County Council's Economic and Infrastructure Development Committee and then the full Council considered the updates. The Council ordinance adopting the 6th Edition passed June 29, 2021 and was approved by the Pierce County Executive July 6.

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