Frontier Park Projects

Project Updates

Improvements Coming to Frontier Park

ADA Improvements

As part of our efforts to make Parks open and accessible to everyone, no matter their age or ability, Parks has installed new ADA-accessible walkways throughout the fairgrounds. Visitors to the Pierce County Fair this year will notice improved accessibility to several buildings including the dog, chicken, floral, and grange exhibits. New handrails will also be installed along these paths to improve safety.

New Horse Arena Curbing and Footing 

Parks has worked with user groups in the past few months to identify the best materials and assemblies for improving the horse arena footing. Design is nearly complete on new horse arena surfacing and fencing and curbing around the arena. Construction will occur either before or after the Fair, but will not be scheduled to interfere with Fair operations.

Water System Improvements

Over the course of its life, the Frontier Park water system has been updated and revised many times. Records of these changes have not always been maintained, so it is time to make a full inspection and analysis of the water system. Following this inspection, Parks will develop a water system improvement plan for the park. Improvements to the water system will be prioritized according to safety and public benefit.

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Project Contacts

ADA and Water System Improvements: 

Jud Youell

Design and Construction Project Manager

253-798-4164 |  email

Horse Arena Project:

Sean Hanberg

Project Manager

253-798-4739 |  email