Virtual Learning & Support

About ECEAP's Virtual Learning & Family Support

The Pierce County Human Services ECEAP programs are beginning the school year with a Virtual Learning and Support model.

What is Virtual Learning and Support? What does it mean for you and your child?

Our staff will provide your child with education opportunities and you and your family with support - Virtually!


  • Twice a week, your child can access small group Zoom meetings. There they will meet their teachers and other ECEAP students from their class. (30 minutes maximum each)
  • Your child will be able to view fun and educational videos made by their teachers. Teachers will create two videos each week. These are recorded and can be viewed at any time night or day. (30 minutes maximum each)
  • Your child will also be able to view videos created by ECEAP teachers who work at our other ECEAP locations. These are recorded and can be viewed at any time night or day. (30 minutes maximum each)
  • Weekly, Teachers will be available for one on one interactions through Zoom. These interactions will focus on learning activities and goals for your child that you and the teachers have discussed and decided on. (15-30 minutes each)
  • Other opportunities include:
    • Ready Rosie (literacy program)
    • Teaching Strategies Cloud___________________________
    • Quarterly At Home Learning kits which include hands-on materials to promote your child’s learning

Family Support

  • Find out about your local community resources and community events
  • Work with Family Support staff to build strength-based goals for you and your family
  • Join virtual parent/family events and education opportunities
  • Be part of the virtual parent committee which will discuss and advise on issues and events that impact ECEAP, you, and your family
  • Meet virtually with Family Support to ask questions, request information and resources, and receive support as you navigate this challenging time

Don’t have access to WIFI or a device? 

  • No problem! In addition to the At Home Learning kits, teachers will work with you to put together activities and materials (books, building materials, puzzles, gross motor etc.)
  • you can check out and use at home.
  • Staff will follow up with additional printed materials which will go along with the lessons the virtual curriculum is using. 
  • Staff will contact you regularly by phone to check in on how things are going and offer support for you, your family, and for your at-home learning.

All ECEAP activities will take place virtually until it is safe to return face to face.

Thank you for joining our ECEAP family and we will all work together to get through this challenging time.

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