What is Flooding?

Defining Flooding 
Image of 1921 flooding
Not everyone defines flooding the same way. Some people define flooding as their fields getting wet. Others define flooding as water inside their homes or if their entire community is under water. Floodplain managers define flooding as any water which flows over the ground. Flood waters can come from a river, stream, from the ground, tides, wave action, storm drains or excess rainfall. 
Pierce County collected stories from residents who live and work here about their flooding experiences. Some have had their homes threatened by flood waters. Others have searched flooded areas or helped residents put their lives back together after a flood. Listen to their stories. 
How do you define flooding?

Let us know.

The following are examples of the different type of flood events that can be seen in Pierce County


SWM 2006 puyallup


Dash Point 2020-01-16 b