Seminars, Trainings & Presentations

This page is for recordings to reside for interested parties to access at a later date. This page is periodically reviewed and outdated materials are removed to make way for updated and newer content. This page is not a comprehensive collection of all presentations, seminars and trainings from Pierce County Department of Emergency Management (DEM). If you do not see the recording you are looking for, please contact DEM.

FAST Trainings

FAST teams are trained social service professionals ready to respond to work in disaster shelters to assist people with access and functional needs in getting what they need to remain in shelters. FAST members work with shelter personnel to conduct assessments for people with access and functional needs in both Community and Red Cross Shelters.

2015 Trainings

Infectious Disease Awareness - Norma Pancake, EMS Coordinator

Communication Challenges LEP - Anna Owen, Pierce County Community Connections

Disaster Supports for Autistic People - Diana Stadden, The ARC of Washington & Ivanova Smith, Self Advocate

Other Response Teams - Amy Alison, Associated Ministries & Jim Price, TPCHD Medical Reserve Corps

Cultural Competency - Therese Quinn - Snohomish County Medical Reserve Corps

Resource Request Process - Pierce County Emergency Management

Critical Incident Stress Management - Sherrie Pantle, Washington Community Chaplains Corps

2014 Trainings

Domestic Violence - Susan Adams, Crystal Judson Family Justice Center

Catholic Community Services - Penny Grellier

Administration for Children and Families - Lewissa Swanson

Disability Integration - Danielle Bailey, FEMA Region 10

Resource Request Process

Personal Preparedness - Peggy LovellFord, Pierce County Dept. of Emergency Management

Obesity and Related Medical Conditions - Denise Porter, Pierce County Community Connections

2013 Trainings

Chemical Dependency - Hae Man Song, Pierce County Community Connections

Chronic Health Issues - Denise Porter, Pierce County Community Connections

Developmental Disabilities - Daniel Gross, Pierce County Community Connections

Low Vision/Blindness - Hongda Sao, Pierce County Community Connections

People Experiencing Homelessness - Jim Anderson, Catholic Community Services

Physical Disabilities - Todd Holloway, Center For Independence

2012 Trainings

Deaf and Hard of Hearing - Christine Seymour, CS-DHHRS

Mental Health Triaging - Scott Larson, Multicare

Issues on Aging - Serina Crisostomo, Tacoma Lutheran Retirement Community

Physical Disabilities - Todd Holloway, Center for Independence