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Agricultural Drainage Planning Program

Seasonal flooding and poor drainage can occur for many reasons.
 The Drainage Support Tool can often help you identify and solve simple flooding or drainage issues on your property. You may have flooding and drainage problems that are too complex for the Drainage Support Tool to properly identify the sources and provide effective solutions.

The Pierce County’s Planning and Public Works Department is creating the ‘Agricultural Drainage Planning Program’ to support rural landowners and farmers with complex flood and drainage problems. You can contact a member of this program who will visit to conduct a field assessment. The results of the field assessment will be used by program personnel to identify sources of the problem and to leverage resources for an eventual solution.

 Drainage Resources

WSU Rural Stormwater Solutions Program
Drainage Districts

One traditional approach to improving drainage and reduce seasonal flooding in Pierce County was to construct ditches, drains, and other structures on affected farmlands. Many of these drainage systems were designed and operated for the benefit of multiple adjacent landowners as part of formal drainage districts (DD). Pierce County still has several active drainage districts providing their services in different rural areas.

  Drainage District Fact Sheet 

  Drainage District Map  

Drainage Support Tool

You can use our interactive tool to help identify possible drainage issues on your property and learn which agencies and organizations may be able to assist in resolving them. This tool was developed in conjunction with farmers to provide guidance for rural landowners facing drainage problems.

Drainage Support Tool

This work was initiated by the Drainage Task Force, per County Council Resolution R2019-59s.