Agriculture Drainage Support
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Drainage problems for rural landowners and farmers come in many forms. The information below outlines possible drainage issue sources. 

Coming Soon - a Decision Support Tool to help guide farmers and rural landowners to the person or organization best suited to help with their specific drainage issue.

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Common Causes of Drainage Issues
  1. Emergencies and Natural Disasters
  2. Environmental Factors (Beavers and Vegetation)
  3. Land Use & Management
  4. Ditch and Culvert Conditions
  5. Soil Conditions

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If your property experiences an emergency that threatens crops, livestock, or farm structures, there are emergency procedures you can follow. 

Pierce County Code allows Emergency Actions to be implemented if there is a threat to private property or potential for serious environmental degradation if:

  • -The threat is imminent (will occur before there is time to obtain necessary permits) and

-The landowner completes applicable County reviews after the fact (and may be forced to remove repair work and mitigate any impacts).

Landowners are encouraged to contact County staff prior to taking any action to evaluate the emergency and proposed actions (18E.20.035-F).

This work was initiated by the Drainage Task Force, per County Council Resolution R2019-59s.