NO COST Program to Prevent Evictions (ERPP -Eviction Resolution Pilot Program

FACING EVICTION? This NO COST Program may prevent the eviction.
eviction resolution program

Pierce County Superior Court has approved participation in the Eviction Resolution Pilot Program (ERPP). ERPP is mandated prior to conducting a hearing on the Unlawful Detainer Calendar. See Emergency Order #20-19, 3rd Amended.



As set forth in the Governor’s Emergency Proclamation 21-09 titled “Tenancy Preservation – A Bridge to E2SSB 5160”, eviction notices and unlawful detainer cases for rent arrears may resume in Pierce County when there is (1) an operational rental assistance program and an operational eviction resolution pilot program, and (2) the tenant has been provided the required notices of the opportunity to participate in both the rental assistance and eviction resolution pilot programs.


Accordingly as to (1) above, landlords, property owners, property managers, and tenants are advised as follows:

  1. Pierce County Human Services has attested to the Department of Commerce that there is an operational rental assistance program
  2. Pierce County Center for Dialog and Resolution, as the provider of the eviction resolution pilot program, has attested to the Administrative Office of the Courts, Office of Civil Legal Aid, and the Office of Financial Management that its program is operational. 

There are still many resources to help tenants keep their housing. These resources include rental assistance, repayment plans, and for many people the right to a lawyer. These resources are in addition to the NO COST Eviction Resolution Program (ERP) which will require parties to engage in problem-solving steps before the cases come to court.  In legal terminology, eviction cases are called “unlawful detainer” cases.  

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The ERPP includes communication steps between landlords and tenants, notifications to tenants with specific information, and required court forms.  The goal of the program is to bring tenants and landlords together with trained Eviction Resolution Specialists to explore solutions.  This includes accessing state and local rent assistance and creating realistic payment plans that will help tenants retain their housing and avoid the legal eviction process, while landlords benefit from continuity of occupancy and income.  

The ERPP is being offered at no cost.   Tacoma-Pierce County Housing Justice Project and Pierce County Center for Dialog and Resolution are providing the staffing for this program.  

Learn About the Program 

apply here Opens in new windowLandlords and tenants can find information on the ERPP program below:

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Emergency Order 19 - Eviction Resolution Program (Third Amended 8/16/21) with Attachments

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