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Many agencies have a role regarding lakes, depending on where the lake is located and the kind of proposed activity or problem to be addressed. Make sure to contact the local jurisdiction for more information. Other agencies involved may include: 

  • Washington State Department of Ecology: Washington State lakes environmental data is a searchable database for lake water quality monitoring data including aquatic plants, toxic algae, herbicide use, fish management, grants and loans, etc. 
  • Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife: Aquatic invasive species resources  
  • Washington Department of Fish and WildlifeHydraulic Project Approval An HPA is required in many cases if you are planning to do any projects in or near state waters to ensure that it is done in a manner that protects fish and their aquatic habitats.  
  • Department of Natural Resources: Lake Kapowsin Aquatic Reserve is the state's only freshwater aquatic reserve and has volunteer opportunities with the Friends of Lake Kapowsin group. 

Partner Organization Resources 

Organizations and programs provide lake education, training, resources and partner opportunities, including: 

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