Rody Creek Channel Stabilization Between 80th and 72nd Streets East

About the Project

Pierce County is working to reduce the transport of dirt and earth materials along the channel to stabilize the base of the ravine slopes along approximately 2,580 feet of Rody Creek channel between 80th and 72nd Streets East.

Downcutting GraphicThe 1.6-mile creek feeds into Clarks Creek, which eventually joins the Puyallup River. Over the years, the channel bed has deepened by about 5 to 8 feet due to downcutting of the channel bed. 

This project will help stabilize the channel bed from further downcutting and stabilize areas at the base of the ravine slopes. 

This project will also help address Pierce County’s goal to improve water quality in the Clarks Creek stream system, as required by the Clarks Creek Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) set by the Department of Ecology. 

During construction, crews will be installing channel spanning log structures, timber frames and small branches and planting native vegetation. These features will help to reduce the movement of sediment further downstream.


Randy Brake

Civil Engineer

(253) 798-4651

[email protected]

Project Updates

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Traffic Impacts

Residents in the area can expect minor traffic disruption along the project at 80th Street East, where heavy equipment will be working periodically from the roadway shoulder. 

Large trucks will also be turning into and from 72nd Street East near 72nd Court East.

There will be flaggers at each site to direct traffic. Please drive with caution when traveling in the area.

Project Location

The proposed project is located in the Rody Creek ravine channel area between 80th Street East and 72nd Street East. 

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Washington State Department of Ecology logoFunding Sources

  • Pierce County Surface Water Management Utility Fund
  • Washington State Department of Ecology


Ecogrind Site Solutions

Project Budget



  • Winter 2020: Permitting completed
  • Spring 2021: Final engineering design plans and specifications
  • Spring 2021: Construction easement acquisition
  • June 2022: Project contract executed
  • July 2022: Begin construction
  • November 2022: Anticipated completion

Note: The timelines noted above are subject to change and may vary.

Project Site Area - Rody Creek

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