Three Year Home Improvement

Exemption Program

When you decide to make home improvements through remodeling and additions, there is three-year property exemption program available. According to RCW 84.36.400 Improvements To Single Family Dwellings, a maximum of 30% of the existing assessed value (building only) of your home is eligible for the exemption.

For example, if your home is assessed at $100,000 you may add up to $30,000 worth of home improvements without being taxed on that amount for three years. At the end of the three-year exemption period, the amount of the exemption is added to the total assessed value and the exemption ends. Please note that the value of your home is not frozen during the period of your exemption. The yearly revaluation of your home continues along with other properties in the county.

Qualifying Definitions

Single family dwelling means a detached dwelling unit and the lot on which the dwelling stands which is designed for, and not occupied by, more than one family.

Physical improvement means any addition, remodeling, renovation, structural correction or repairs which materially adds to the value or condition of an existing dwelling, including the addition of, or repairs to, garages, carports and patios attached to and compatible with the dwelling. Improvements for tax exemption purposes do not include swimming pools, golf greens, fences, outbuildings, or general maintenance.

Application Process

You may obtain an application online or by contacting the Assessor-Treasurer's Office at (253) 798-7145. You must have submitted an application prior to the completion of the improvement. No exemption shall be allowed unless an application is filed with the Pierce County Assessor-Treasurer's Office prior to completion of the improvements / new construction.

After this form has been properly completed, return the application to our office at:
2401 S. 35th St.
Room 142
Tacoma WA 98409

You will be notified if your improvement qualifies for the exemption.

When you have completed your improvements, send a letter to the Assessor-Treasurer's Office indicating the completion date. The exemption does not go into effect without this letter.