Eviction prevention

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The Pierce County Eviction Prevention program supports eligible low-income households with their past due rent. Submitting an application does not guarantee payment and due to limited funding, not all eligible households can be served through this program.

The Rental Assistance Program is coming to a close.  Click here to check the status of your 2022 application.  No new applications are being accepted. 

For Eviction Prevention please click APPLY NOW below.  Before starting an application please scroll below to the eligibility requirements and required documentation. Tenants and Landlords:  Please get accurate email for Landlord/Tenant BEFORE starting an application. The email must be accurate.  Both landlords and tenants must submit in the portal for processing. 

Landlords:  All landlords must create a new user account and upload new documentation for the Eviction Prevention Program.  This is because this is a separate program with separate requirements and reporting.  Your username and password can be the same as the previous portal.

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  2. Service Providers
  3. Apply for Eviction Prevention


  • Household must live in Pierce County.
  • Household must agree to Case Management Services.
  • Household must be a renter.
  • Household must Currently Reside in Unit.
  • Household must have past due RENT (program can not serve utilities only)
  • Household is behind on rent up to 3 months. We do not pay for more than 3 months past due rent and this program does not pay for utilities only.
  • Household is under 80% Area Median Income.
  • Household must have a lease in their own name.
  • Households must have an eviction notice, 30-day notice, 14-day pay or vacate from their landlord.
  • Household must have all document listed below:
      • Photo IDs for all household members over age 18
      • Proof of income or self-attestation to no income
      • Lease in their own name
      • Ledger from Landlord
      • Proof of residency (utility bill in their name with address, recent mail received)
      • Utility bills in their name (must have past due rents to be eligible for this program)
  • Landlord must be willing to work with the program.
    • Tenants MUST work with their landlords to obtain the following information PRIOR to submission:
      • Landlord First and Last Name
      • Landlord Email
      • Landlord Phone number
      • Landlord Address

Landlords can begin the application process for tenants but cannot apply on their behalf. 

The Eviction Prevention program can pay up to 3 months rental arrears and up to 3 months current rents with case management to low income households. Rental Arrears and Current rents are paid monthly directly to the landlord. All funding is based on need and there is no guarantee of assistance through this program.

The Pierce County Rental Assistance Program (2020-2022) is over.

If you have already applied, you will be contacted by a provider to process your application.  If you applied in 2022, and have not been contact by a provider, please check your spam/junk folder.

If you have already received rental assistance in 2022, you are on the waitlist. There is no guarantee of additional funds. You may be contacted if funds are available after new applications are processed.  

Use the button below to check the status of your 2022 application.

Attention Applicants:

Pierce County Human Services may share personally identifying information about each household with community partners as required to receive services or reporting. Community partners include, but are not limited to, U.S. Department of the Treasury, Washington State Department of Commerce, City of Tacoma, City of Lakewood, Nonprofit providers, Center for Dialogue and Resolution, Tacomaprobono, Superior Court, and employment services.