144th Street East Sewer Extension

Project Area

144th Street East Sewer Extension construction map

About the Project

Pierce County Planning and Public Works will be installing new sewer pipes to serve approximately 290 acres of Urban Growth Area that is currently not served by public sewer service. 

This construction project will include the installation of approximately 12,360 feet of gravity sewer pipe, 1,150 feet of pressure sewer pipe, 34 concrete manholes, five corrosion resistant manholes, and a valve vault.

New sewer mains will extend from existing facilities at the intersections of 144th Avenue E and 62nd Avenue East, 152nd Street East and 66th Avenue East, and 160th Street East and Canyon Road East.  

The extensions will provide improved access to public sewer facilities to the unsewered area bordered by 144th Street East to the north, 160th Street East to the south, Canyon Road East to the west and 66th Avenue East to the east. A private dryline located in 58th Avenue Court East will also connect to the public sewer system.

Project contacts

Jason Beaver, CCM
Construction Engineer
[email protected]

Jason Weekes, PE
Construction Engineering Supervisor
(253) 798-4654

[email protected]

Construction Schedule

PhaseLocationStatus/Work Remaining
Phase 1160th Street EastCorrect subgrade settlement and repave near 58th Avenue East in spring 2024.
Phase 262nd Avenue East by 144th Street EastCompleted
62nd Avenue East, north of 160th Street East
Correct subgrade settlement and repave north end of the road in spring 2024.
Phase 4 152nd Street East, west of 66th Avenue East
Phase 562nd Avenue East by 152nd Street East
Phase 6  
152nd Street East by 58th Avenue East
Phase 7
58th Avenue East (north of 152nd Street East)Completed
Phase 8
58th Avenue East, south of 152nd Street East

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  3. Funding

Project Status

Sept. 6, 2023

In June, the contractor working for Pierce County completed the pavement restoration work and structure testing in Phases 4, 6, and 8 of the 144th Street East Sewer Extension project. 

We identified subgrade settlement in the pavement in Phase 1 on 160th Street East at 58th Avenue East. The contractor plans to repave this area next spring when they return to the north end of Phase 3 on 62nd Avenue East to address another section of subgrade settlement. 

Over the next few weeks, we will continue to work with the contractor on the remaining restoration items as the project officially wraps up. 

What does this mean for me?

Privately owned property in County right-of-way 

The contractor will need to make use of the county right-of-way to install the sewer line. Property owners may need to remove privately owned items within the right-of-way that they wish to salvage prior to construction.

Connecting Dry Sewer Lines

Upon completion of this project, several property owners with interim on-site septic systems will be notified to connect to the public sewer system. Property owners will have six months (180 days) after receiving notification from Pierce County to complete the connection and decommission the on-site septic. Learn more about dry sewer lines.