Purchasing Foreclosure Property

Auction Information

Properties in foreclosure may only be purchased from the county at the annual foreclosure auction which will be held in November. A minimum bid will be solicited for each parcel. This bid must include all taxes, interest, penalties and foreclosure costs.

Date and Location

The 2023 auction will be facilitated online by www.Bid4Assets.com. The 2023 auction is set for Tuesday, November 14, 2023.


Payment can only be made by wire transfer. Successful bidders will receive a confirmation email which will include wire instructions. 

The successful bidder will receive a Treasurer's Deed without any expressed or implied warranty.

Additional Information

Pierce County does not warrant any property suitable for any use, nor do they make any claims regarding easements, covenants or restrictions. Legal descriptions provided are for tax purposes only.

All parcels are sold 'whereas' and 'as is' without representation or warranty, expressed or implied. All sales are final. Potential purchasers should seek the advice of a real estate attorney if additional information is needed. Pierce County does not issue tax lien certificates as Washington State is not a tax lien state.

Property List

Pierce County posts a list of properties subject to foreclosure after the amended Certificate of Delinquency is filed each year.

In mid-to-late summer, the current year's list will be available online and will also be printed in the classified section of the official county newspaper, under 'Legal Notices.' This ad will list the parcels in foreclosure at that time. The number of parcels listed will change dramatically by the date of the sale in November.

The list will be updated as needed online so individuals can determine which properties have been redeemed as the auction date nears. In addition an updated list is available at the assessor-treasurer's public counter. For more information contact the Foreclosure Department by calling (253) 798-2728 or sending an email to [email protected].

Researching the Properties

Research is the key to purchasing a parcel to meet your needs. As a potential buyer, you must be aware that any parcel of property subject to foreclosure could have environmental issues. You are encouraged to research all parcels fully. The Assessor-Treasurer's office has computers, maps and other research tools available for your use at the public service counter. Due to limited staff, research assistance is not available by mail or telephone. If you have questions or concerns regarding environmental issues, please contact the Tacoma / Pierce County Health Department at (253) 798-6470. Questions regarding shoreline use should be directed to the State of Washington, Department of Natural Resources. 360-902-1100.

Often parcels have other restrictions (open space, wetlands, slope hazards, and other critical areas, etc.) that the Tacoma / Pierce County Health Department (TPCHD) can't answer. For parcels located in unincorporated Pierce County, these issues, concerns and restrictions can more properly be answered by Planning and Public Works staff located at the Development Center. Please check the Development Center website piercecountywa.org/ppw for hours and contact information.

The Assessor-Treasurer's Office recommends that potential buyers use all resources available to ascertain the merits of each parcel before bidding at auction. Owners maintain ownership of the property until the sale and have a right to privacy.

Tax Title Properties

Parcels that do not receive a minimum bid at the foreclosure auction will be 'transferred to Pierce County.' This means they are now a tax title property and may be sold at auction at another date and time. For information regarding these parcels, please visit the Facilities Management Department or call Real Property Management at (253) 798-6364.