ADRC Workshop Recordings

Workshop Recordings

Alzheimer's Conference 2020, Isolation During the Pandemic

Marysusan Iotte has more than 27 years of experience as an Executive Director for Assisted Living and Memory Care in Pierce County. Enjoy her presentation on how to stay engaged during COVID-19 isolation.

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Alzheimer's Conference 2020, Dementia Friendly Activities

Benjamin Surmi empowers people to thrive – no matter what disability or cognitive disorder they may live with. His presentation discusses dementia friendly activities to keep loved ones engaged.

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Alzheimer's Conference 2020, Legal and Financial Planning

Meredith Grigg, an attorney with the Northwest Justice Project in Seattle, walks through how to prepare the legal and financial plans for those with serious illnesses, such as Alzheimer's disease.

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Medicare and COVID-19

Most people on Medicare are “high risk” when it comes to COVID-19. This presentation discusses the guidelines from The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

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The Mary Poppins Bag of Fall Prevention Tips

Sandy Gatlin, Master Trainer and West Regional SAIL Coordinator takes viewers through the house, the yard to see the most common causes of falls and how to avoid them.

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COVID-19 Scams and Fraud Prevention

Learn more about COVID-19 scams targeting seniors and tips to protect yourself or loved ones against these scams.

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The Reverse Mortgages: Things Have Changed

Reverse Mortgages are a tightly regulated program that has become a viable option for older adult homeowners seeking to take advantage of their equity. Check out the pros and cons to the program with Rebecca Rainsberger.

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Essential Documents

Everyone needs to have essential documents in place. While preparing these documents on your own may be an option, find out whether that option will be right for you, your family and your descendants.

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Medicare 2021

Medicare is constantly changing. One of the most confusing changes is the fundamental option that beneficiaries have – whether to receive health care through “Original Medicare” or to choose the “Medicare Advantage” option. The 2021 Annual Open Enrollment period October 15 – December 7.

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Alzheimer's and Driving

Driving is a skill that requires clear thinking, attention, anticipation and swift decision-making skills. The development of Alzheimer’s often makes driving dangerous. Learn about the effects of the disease on driving, what families can do, conversation techniques and safety tips.

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Bringing Parents Home

This workshop will examine the various issues that should be evaluated before moving parents into your home. If elderly parents are mentally and physically healthy the move can provide ample opportunities for family bonding. If the move is prompted by caregiving needs, other considerations need to be closely evaluated.

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MAC/TSOA: Options for Care at Home

Tailored Services for Older Adults provides an alternative to regular Medicaid services for people who need assistance to maintain independence. Medicaid Alternative Care provides services to unpaid caregivers, designed to assist them in providing quality care to family members while also improving their own well-being.

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Conversations: When Families Get Together

Holidays provide the perfect opportunity for adult children to spend time with aging parents and relatives. This workshop presents what major red flags to look out for when it comes to a loved one’s health. Participants will review home maintenance and personal hygiene issues.

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Talking with your Doctor

 Presentation developed by the National Institute of Health, talking about changes in the healthcare system and how to navigate around them.
An Ounce of Prevention
Maria & Wendy, experts in dementia from Lutheran Community Services, talk about normal signs of aging vs. signs of dementia. Gain a better understanding of the cognitive changes as we age - what is normal and what may not be.
Dotting the "i's" and Crossing the "t's": Health Care Directives/ Living Wills
Join Bryana Cross Bean, Attorney at Law in the third part of our 4 part series: Dotting the “i’s” and Crossing the “t’s. This one goes over Wills and Probate.
Options for the Future: Living Choices for Older Adults and People with Disabilities

Have you ever considered what you would do if you were faced with the care of a loved one? Join us for an informational presentation given by experts in our community on options for aging adults and people with disabilities in Pierce County.
All About Funerals

Ray Fernandez with Mountain View Funeral Home shares information on funerals and tips on how to make decisions during the funeral planning process.  
Dotting the "i's" and Crossing the "t's": Durable Powers of Attorney
Join Bryana Cross Bean, Attorney at Law in the first of our 4 part series: Dotting the “i’s” and Crossing the “t’s. This one goes over Durable Powers of Attorney.
Dotting the "i's" and Crossing the "t's": Trusts & Trust Administration
Join Bryana Cross Bean, Attorney at Law in the fourth part of our 4 part series: Dotting the “i’s” and Crossing the “t’s. This one goes over Trusts and Trust Administration.
How to Spoil Your Retirement

Everybody looks forward to retiring someday. With preparation and a little luck, most of us will have the opportunity to enjoy retirement, but simple mistakes can easily set you on the wrong track. Avoid that fate by taking care to avoid common financial missteps.

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An Ounce of Prevention

Lyn Peters from Washington State Department of Financial Institutions goes over tips and tools for staying safe from fraud, scams, and identity theft. 
Dotting the "i's" and Crossing the "t's": Health Care Directives/ Living Wills
Join Bryana Cross Bean, Attorney at Law in the second part of our 4 part series: Dotting the “i’s” and Crossing the “t’s. This one goes over Healthcare Directives/ Living Wills.
Boxed or Unboxed
Tina Baril from Monarch Transitions shares her knowledge on downsizing.