Chambers Creek Regional WWTP Facilities Plan

This Facilities Plan is an important element of the Unified Sewer Plan that focuses on the wastewater treatment plant. The Facilities Plan evaluates alternative approaches for wastewater treatment at the plant to satisfy long-range needs within the Sewer Utility service area. This plan also helps the Sewer Utility to stay on track in meeting the requirements of our National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit.

You can review Pierce County's Chambers Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant Facilities Plan using the links below.

Facilities Plan

Chapter 1 - Sewer Utility Mission and Vision

Chapter 2 - Sewer Utility Levels of Service

Chapter 3 - Utility Background and Asset Inventory

Chapter 4 - Population, Flow, and Loading Projections

Chapter 5 - Regulatory Environment

Chapter 6 - Facility Needs and Level of Service Comparison

Chapter 7 - Alternative Development

Chapter 8 - Environmental Impact Statement

Chapter 9 - Recommended Level of Service Selection

Chapter 10 - Financial Impacts and Strategy

Chapter 11 - References

Chapter 12 - Report Limitations


Appendix A - Preliminary Geologic Study

Appendix B - Preliminary Report: Geologic Study and Geotechnical Study

Appendix C - Technical Memorandum: Shallow Aquifer Capacity Assessment

Appendix D - Technical Memorandum: Reclaimed Water Market Assessment

Appendix E - NPDES Waste Discharge Permit No. WA 0039624

Appendix F - Puget Sound Clean Air Agency Evaluation Report

Appendix G - Staff-Directed Facility Needs Assessment

Appendix H - Non-Process Needs Assessment Study

Appendix I - Master Plan Stakeholder Interviews, Summary Findings, and Customer Research Survey Summary Report

Appendix J - Capital Cost Estimates

Appendix K - Operation and Maintenance Cost Estimates

Appendix L - Business Case Evaluations Details

Appendix M - Planning Design Data Sheet

Appendix N - R&R Cost Schedule for Proposed CIP Project Assets

Appendix O - Plant RPM R&R Model: Existing Assets not included in the RPM R&R Model

Appendix P - Total Capital Project Costs - Collection System and Carrying Costs

Appendix Q - Outfall Modeling