Pierce County River and Flood Management

The Surface Water Management (SWM) division of the Planning and Public Works department addresses flood damage reduction, water quality and the preservation of natural drainage systems. This helps ensure that Pierce County rivers and streams are clean, healthy and safe, both now and in the years to come.

SWM plans, designs and implements a variety of construction and habitat restoration projects. These projects are identified and prioritized through our Surface Water Improvement Program.

Learn more about the SWM division, our current projects, upcoming projects, and more, on our SWM webpage.

SWM is developing a comprehensive flood hazard management plan (Flood Plan) which will outline how Pierce County addresses and manages flooding and channel migration hazards on major rivers within Pierce County. The Flood Plan is also necessary to meet state and federal requirements associated with floodplain management. You can find more information about the Flood Plan here: Comprehensive Flood Hazard Management Plan

Pierce County Surface Water Management also participates in the Floodplains for the Future program which is a partnership of stakeholders in the area working to recover floodplains and protect the health and safety of the communities around them. You can find out more about this program at