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About the Committee

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The Pierce County Council created the Comprehensive Plan to End Homelessness Ad Hoc Committee to facilitate further planning to help end homelessness in Pierce County through Resolution 2021-30s.

The 10-member committee met weekly for four weeks to develop an action plan that it presented to Council. The plan outlined steps, participants, timelines, process and resource needs to develop the larger comprehensive plan to end homelessness in the county. 

Learn more about the Comprehensive Plan to End Homelessness and find more information about the steering committee and shelter plan work group, meeting dates, agendas and meeting summaries.

Committee members

Heather Moss, Director of Human Services, Pierce County (Facilitator)
John Barbee, Community Services Manager, Pierce County
Jeff Rodgers, Homeless Programs Supervisor, Pierce County
James Pogue, Executive Director of Homeless Services, Continuum of Care Committee
Dr. Lamont Green, Continuum of Care Committee member
Gerrit Nyland, Director of Operations, Tacoma-Pierce County Coalition to end Homelessness
Courtney Chandler, Program Manager for Coordinated Entry, Tacoma-Pierce County Coalition to End Homelessness
Klarissa Monteros, Senior Policy Analyst, city of Tacoma
Tiffany Speir, Long Range and Strategic Planning Manager, city of Lakewood
Kirstin Hoffman, Emergency Manager, city of Puyallup
(Alternate) Maureen Howard, Tacoma-Pierce County Coalition to End Homelessness

Council staff liaison:

Joseph van Dyk

Public Comment

Written comments were submitted to the ad hoc committee. View them below.

March 2021

April 2021

Pierce County Resources

To learn more about what resources are available in Pierce County to help those experiencing or facing homelessness, visit Pierce County Human Services.

View the 2021 Comprehensive Plan to End Homelessness website.

Learn more about the Continuum of Care Oversight Committee.

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