TIW Environmental Assessment Open House


Welcome to the Tacoma Narrows Airport (TIW) Environmental Assessment Online Open House! 

To comply with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) design standards, Pierce County is completing an Environmental Assessment (EA) for several projects that are proposed at the Tacoma Narrows Airport over the next five years (2022 – 2026).

These projects are proposed to improve safety at the airport and bring the runway and taxiway at Tacoma Narrows Airport in compliance with current FAA standards.

These projects do not include a runway extension, and do not affect the type or size of aircraft that currently operate at the airport.

These projects were previously identified as part of the Airport Master Plan for Tacoma Narrows Airport, which was completed by Pierce County in 2016. The County then received FAA approval and funding to proceed with the Environmental Assessment. The EA is required so that Pierce County can then apply for FAA funding for design and construction of these projects, over the next five years. 

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Review the material on this page, then let us know what you think about the proposed actions.

What is NEPA?
Project Funding

All projects that receive federal funding are required to be reviewed under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) to ensure that the proposed projects consider, and when possible avoid environmental impacts. This process includes the following steps:

NEPA Process

The Environmental Assessment (EA) is 90% funded through an Airport Improvement Program (AIP) grant from the FAA. The remaining funds are covered by Pierce County.

If the projects proceed forward, future phases of the projects (design and construction) are also anticipated to be funded by 90% FAA AIP grants for all eligible costs. The County will also be applying for matching funds through other sources, including the Washington State Department of Transportation Aviation Division.

Project Overview

The Airport Master Plan, completed in 2015, identified improvements needed at the airport and resulted in the project timeline (right).

Figure 1 - Updated
  1. Obstruction Removal & Fencing (2022)
  2. Taxiway & Stormwater Facility Relocation (2023 - 2025) 
  3. Obstruction Removal (2023 - 2026)

This project includes the removal of trees located on airport property. These trees are located in areas that should remain clear to allow for safe operation of the type of aircraft that currently operate at the airport. Chainlink fencing is also proposed to keep wildlife from entering areas where aircraft operate.

Environmental Impacts
Stormwater to be filled


  • Requires stormwater pond to be filled to accommodate taxiway relocation
  • Temporary roads to access tree removal areas


  • Temporary disturbance to streaked horned larks and other wildlife during construction
  • Removal of streaked horned lark habitat
  • Loss of forested habitat 


  • Supports local/regional transportation system and economy
  • Increased noise and traffic during construction
  • Removal of trees affects aesthetics

Photo: Existing stormwater facility to be filled