Horsehaven Creek Culvert Replacements

Project Description 

The goal of these projects is to improve fish passage and address flooding issues on Horsehaven Creek where it crosses under 150th Ave E and 188th St E near Orting.  

The existing culverts do not meet current fish passage requirements and there is water over the roadway several times each year.  The planned improvements include removing the existing 36’’ culverts and replacing them with a larger concrete structures at the two crossings.


Preliminary Design: 2019-2020

Design, Construction Easements and Permitting: 2021

Project Construction: Summer 2022/2023

We will be reaching out to surrounding property owners to obtain temporary construction easements as we get closer to construction.  


Pierce County will seek grant funding to combine with Surface Water Management Funds for these projects.

Contact Us

Sarah Motsenbocker
Project Manager
[email protected]

D230 Culverts Wide
D231 Culverts wide
D230_D231 Project map wOrtho