Sunrise Beach Drive repairs

What's happening

Pierce County repaired a section of the Sunrise Beach Drive Northwest shoulder May 3-6. The 80-foot-long work area started about 400 feet north of the entrance to Sunrise Beach Park.

Image showing repairs to Sunrise Beach Dr
Sunrise Beach Work Area Map


A section of the road shoulder on the east side of the road was damaged in December 2019. A drainage pipe on the west side of the road was clogged, causing debris to flow across the road and erode the shoulder.

This area is prone to landslides, as is typical of the shorelines of Puget Sound. Several small landslides have happened in the area in past few years. Pierce County actively monitors the roadway to maintain access for park users and residents.

About the work

Crews removed excess debris and stabilized the embankment and shoulder with large rocks.

Rocks were also installed around the outfall – or exit point – of a drainage pipe located to the north of the shoulder repair area to prevent erosion.

Before photos

Sunrise Beach Drive
Sunrise Beach Drive shoulder erosion
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