Sewer Programs and Financing


The Sewer Division offers the below list of programs as part of its ongoing commitment to protect the environment while serving a growing population and supporting Pierce County’s vision for vibrant communities, effective government, and economic growth. The programs provide a variety of funding options aimed at mitigating financial burdens faced by homeowners, startups and expanding businesses, and property developers when improving or connecting to the sewer system.  


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Residential Dry Sewer Line Loan Program

Some properties within Pierce County sewer service area contain interim on-site septic systems with ‘dry’ sewer facilities. Homeowners of dry sewer line properties who are required to connect when sewer service becomes available may be eligible for a low-interest loan program to acquire and install sewer service equipment and materials. Pierce County offers low-interest loans with terms up to 10 years to residential dry sewer line property owners for qualifying sewer lateral improvements.

Residential Side Sewer Conservation Loan

Sewer problems are often caused by trouble in your side sewer line. If your side sewer needs repair or replacement, you may be eligible for a low-interest sewer conservation loan. Pierce County offers low-interest loans with terms up to 10 years to residential property owners for qualifying side sewer conservation projects.

Commercial Sewer Conservation Loan Program

In response to requirements of state and federal laws, Pierce County adopted sewer pretreatment standards to prevent pollutants from entering the County’s wastewater system which could interfere with normal operation of the system. These pretreatment standards, depending upon type and intensity of the individual business, may have a significant financial impact. This loan program will help to minimize the financial impacts for new or relocating businesses connecting to the sewer system.


County Participation in Latecomers Agreements

Under this policy the Department may finance a share of sewer facility projects and seek reimbursement of the cost by establishing a latecomers agreement that entitles the County to a proportional share of the reimbursement from the latecomers charges paid by the Tributary Properties. The proportional share (connection charge credits) would be based on the respective contribution of the applicant and the County to the original total reimbursable construction costs. Latecomers agreements shall have a 20-year term and the applicant/County reimbursement shall be set forth and authorized by contract.

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Sewer Connection Program

The Department provides awards in the form of matching project funding for the following project types including: Connecting properties to the sewer system to alleviate and/or correct health and safety issues derived from areas of failing septic systems, Promoting economic development and creation of new permanent jobs, and addressing any affected water body in the County’s sewer service area listed in the Clean Water Act Section 303(d) list as impaired..


Alternative Commercial Connection Charge Program

Pierce County collects sewer connection charges to help offset the impacts of new development on public sewer system infrastructure. Connection charges are generally a ‘one-time up-front’ cost that are in addition to the on-going monthly or bimonthly sewer service charge. Under the current system, connection charges are due at the time a property initially connects to the County’s sewer system. The Alternative Commercial Connection Charge Program offers the owner or tenant of a commercial property a choice to pay a monthly rental charge (usage fee), rather than paying the full connection charges in advance.

Residential Dry Sewer Line Connection Charge Amortization Program

The Department will reduce up-front sewer connection charges for owners of dry sewer line properties required to connect when sewer service becomes available. Amortization agreements shall have a 15-year maximum term and an interest rate equivalent to the True Interest Cost of current Pierce County sewer bonds (currently about 2.42%).  

If you would like more information about amortizing upfront connection charges, please contact the sewer basin planning engineer, Taran Bedi at (253) 798-3082.