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Family Law Packets

Divorce with Children - $41.00

Divorce without Children - $16.00

Legal Separation with Children - $41.00

Legal Separation without Children-$16.00

Emergency-Immediate Orders for Divorce - $6.00

Petition for Parenting Plan/Child Support (father on birth certificate) - $41.00

Establishing Parentage (father not on birth certificate) includes materials for genetic testing, parenting plan, child support - $41.00

Modification of a Parenting Plan - $41.00

Contempt of Court - $11.00

Commonly Used Forms in Family Law

Generic Motion-Family Law (for assorted purposes): Motion/Declaration/Order/Return of Service-blank - $4.00

Default-Family Law: Motion/Declaration/Order/Return of Service - $4.00

Service by Mail-Family Law: Motion/Declaration/Order/Return of Service - $4.00

Service by Publication-Family Law: Motion/Declaration/Order/Return of Service - $4.00

Minor Guardianship

Minor Guardianship - $17.50

Residential Eviction

Residential Eviction Packet - $61.00 (You must own the property and have a Landlord-Tenant relationship--lease agreement with the other party(ies))


Probate-No Will-This packet does not address distribution to heirs under the age of 18 - $31.00

Probate-With Will - This packet does not address distribution to heirs under the age of 18- $31.00

Small Estate Affidavit- $16.00

Civil Packets & Forms

Claim Against a Contractor's Bond - $16.00

Starting a Lawsuit in Superior Court - $26.00

Generic Motion (assorted uses): Motion/Declaration/Order-Fillable - $5.00

Reconsideration: Motion/Declaration/Order/Return of Service - $4.00

Revision: Motion/Declaration/Order/Return of Service - $4.00

Asking for a Default Judgment in Superior Court--Civil Case--Not family law-$11.00