Swan Creek Park pond maintenance

What's happening

The northeast side of Swan Creek Park will be closed from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday to Thursday from June 21-July 1 while Pierce County crews remove gravel from a sediment pond.

Parking lot closure
The park parking lot near the Pioneer Way East and Waller Road East intersection will be closed during work hours. The sediment pond is located near the parking lot.

Trail closure
A trail that travels from the parking lot at East 42nd Street and East Roosevelt Avenue to the sediment pond will be closed at the pedestrian bridge located approximately a half mile from the parking lot during work hours. Trail users should not go beyond that point during work hours.

Closure signs will be in place during work hours. Park users should stay out of the work site.

Photo of pond taken in 2021

Staging work

Crews will stage equipment at the site June 16-18. The park will remain open during this work.


About the pond

As water travels downstream at high speeds during high water events, sediment is picked up from the creek bed. Before the pond was built in the early 1990s, sediment buildup during high water events would occasionally cause roadway flooding where a Pioneer Way East bridge crosses over Swan Creek. 

The sediment pond was designed to collect the sediment to reduce flooding. Pierce County removes gravel from the pond every one to three years.

Before clean out (2015)

Photo of Swan Creek pond before it was cleaned out

After clean out (2015)

Photo of Swan Creek pond after it was cleaned out

Stockpile area

Some of the gravel will be stockpiled near the park entrance at Pioneer Way East. The gravel will be used for future pond maintenance work and habitat enhancement projects around Pierce County. Park users should stay away from the stockpile area.


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