Parkland/Brookdale Interceptor Projects

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The Parkland/Brookdale Interceptor is one of Pierce County's largest sanitary sewer pipelines in a network of sewer pipes and pump stations that convey wastewater from unincorporated Pierce County to the Chambers Creek Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant.

The Parkland/Brookdale interceptor collects wastewater from other sewer mains and interceptors serving the majority of the Pierce County Sewer Service area south of 112th Street East between the eastern boundary of Joint Base Lewis McChord and the plateau west of the Orting valley. 

The interceptor starts near the intersection of 13th Ave Court East and Brookdale Road East and continues northwest to its connection to the Spanaway Loop Bypass Interceptor at the intersection of 116th Street South and Spanaway Loop Road South.

Project contact

Erika Dinsmore, PE
Project Engineer
(253) 798-2529
[email protected]

Aaron Callanan, PE
Design Engineering Supervisor
(253) 798-4207
[email protected]

What is a sewer interceptor?

A sewer interceptor is a major sewer line that receives wastewater flows from multiple collection lines. These could be main or trunk sewers, or force mains, or other kinds of sewer lines. This combined flow is then directed to a wastewater treatment facility or another interceptor.

Parkland/Brookdale Interceptor Phase 1 (Completed)

Parkland/Brookdale Interceptor Phase 2 (Completed)

  • This project was the second of multiple phases necessary to increase the capacity of the Parkland/Brookdale Interceptor.
  • The existing 30-inch interceptor was replaced with 72-inch interceptor and extended along a new alignment to facilitate Phase 3 of the project. 
  • This project was completed in 2016

Parkland/Brookdale Interceptor – Phase 3

  • A 72-inch interceptor will be constructed to convey wastewater from the intersection of 131st Street East and A Street South to an existing sewer interceptor at 129th Street South and C Street South.  
  • Construction start: Summer 2022.

Parkland/Brookdale Interceptor – Phase 4

  • This section of the existing 36- and 42-inch concrete sewer interceptor is nearing the end of their useful service lifecycle due to hydrogen sulfide corrosion, a type of a gas released from wastewater traveling through the pipes. 
  • This project also addresses capacity needs in the region as the existing pipe at this location is expected to reach capacity by 2028.

Parkland/Brookdale Interceptor – Phases 5 & 6

  • Future phases will continue the 72-inch interceptor to the connection point between Garfield Street South at Ainsworth Avenue South and 129th Street South at C Street South.  


The original interceptor was constructed in the 1980s as part of a series of Utility Local Improvement District projects that were sized and located to serve properties within the Utility Local Improvement District boundaries at the time of construction. 

Nearly 40 years later, the original pipe is reaching the end of its useful service life. At the same time, the growth within the County is expected to eventually exceed the capacity of the existing facilities. 

Over the last 20 years the County has been proactive in planning and implementing a series of projects to increase the capacity and extend the useful service life of the interceptor to ensure the sanitary sewer system works well for those who live in the County now, and in the future.