Community Needs Assessment

The 2023 CNA survey has ended. We thank the over 2500 community members who participated in the 2023 survey. Your voices have made a significant impact on the services and programs offered in Pierce County.

The CNA results will be available in April.

Pierce County Human Services and the Metropolitan Development Council (MDC) Community Action Programs conducted a comprehensive assessment to identify strengths, barriers, and resources in the community to meet the needs of children, youth, and families.

To better serve the residents of Tacoma and Pierce County, we needed to critically evaluate ourselves while understanding the assets of the community and their needs. For this year's CNA, we approached this work with strategies to engage community voices, especially those who are often left out of the process. 

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Community Action Programs around the country are required by federal funders to conduct community needs assessments (CNA) every 3 years. 

The CNA gathers information from residents on topics ranging from social and economic issues to health and transportation, and everything in between. The information gathered and analyzed will assist us in making programmatic changes and improvements.

There are two Community Action Agencies in Pierce County - one is the Metropolitan Development Council (MDC), which serves Tacoma, and the other is Pierce County Human Services (PCHS), which serves all of Pierce County, outside the city limits of Tacoma. To get the most comprehensive data from all residents in Pierce County, and to improve overall service performance, MDC and PCHS have decided to collaborate and conduct one assessment for both agencies for 2023-2024.

MDC has been serving residents since 1964 and Pierce County Community Action Programs have been serving residents since 1970.