Huge Creek Culvert Replacement at 160th

About the Project

A large three-sided culvert was installed under 160th Street NW to improve fish passage and fish habitat. Construction was completed in October 2021.

The Huge Creek culvert was replaced to provide a clear fish passage for native trout and salmon upstream into Kitsap County. This project was part of a larger effort to improve fish passage in the Minter Creek basin. Eliminating blockages to fish passage, allowing migratory fish to access the high-quality spawning habitat upstream, is an important part of the County's salmon recovery strategy. 

Project Location and Funding


The work area starts approximately 2,000 feet west of 118th Avenue NW, between 126th Avenue NW and 121st Avenue Court NW on the Pierce-Kitsap County line.


The construction cost approximately $950,000 and was funded by the Recreation and Conservation Office (RCO), Flood Control Zone District (FCZD), Kitsap County and Pierce County Surface Water Management Funds.



  • Improve fish habitat and safe passage 
  Project Timeline
  • Early July 2021: Construction begins.
  • Mid-July 2021: In-water construction begins
  • October 2021: Construction ends.