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An example of a well-maintained dry pond.

Neighborhood stormwater facilities are typically owned by Homeowner Associations (HOA). While the County is responsible for facilities on public property, it is the HOA's duty to maintain any stormwater facilities in your community. These stormwater facilities play a key role in preventing flooding, pollution and erosion, so it's important to stay proactive and keep up with maintenance.

What is a stormwater facility?

The phrase “stormwater facility” refers to any landscaped or structural feature that slows, filters, or infiltrates runoff from your property after rainfall. Stormwater facilities come in many shapes and forms – from simple swales to more complex stormwater ponds. Ponds, ditches and depressions may actually be neighborhood stormwater facilities. Without them, polluted stormwater runoff flows into rivers and streams or enters groundwater aquifers (our source of drinking water). Getting to know your stormwater facilities stormwater facilities also helps prevent neighborhood flooding. 

How do I maintain the stormwater facility in my neighborhood?

There are several actions HOAs can take to properly care for its stormwater facility. Depending on the type of facility, that could involve anything from mowing grass to removing sediments, trash and problem vegetation. For a full rundown, consult Pierce County's Neighborhood Stormwater Maintenance Handout.

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