How Surface Water Utility Fees are Spent

The Surface Water Management Utility Fees paid by residents of Unincorporated Pierce County are used to:  


  1. Preserve and protect water quality in our surface waters and natural waterways  

  2. Support a flood resilient community  

  3. Protect and improve habitat for fish and other aquatic species  

Surface Water Management actively works on these goals by: 

The Pierce County Surface Water Management Utility has been successful at leveraging SWM Utility fees with grants over the years. In the 2-year budget for 2020/2021, $30 million in SWM Utility Fees were matched by over $17 million in grant funds: 

In the 2-year budget, for 2022/2023, our grants are matching 1:1 with the capital program dollars to be spent.  

You can read the details of our 6-year Capital Facilities Plan and Surface Water Improvement Program on the following page:  SWIP | Pierce County, WA - Official Website ( 


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