6-year Capital Facilities Plan

As a required part of the County’s Comprehensive Plan, the Surface Water Management 6-year Capital Facilities Plan is updated every two years in conjunction with the County’s biennial budget process.  The plan includes updated information for all projects including:

  • Timing of design, property acquisition and construction
  • Project Costs by year
  • The anticipated funding sources used by each project


The Capital Facilities Plan is used as a basis for the Capital Program budget request for the following 2 year period.  It also informs a 6-year financial plan for the SWM Construction Fund.


A companion document, the Surface Water Improvement Program (SWIP) provides additional descriptive information for projects that are currently active.  It also includes information about the various regulatory and policy obligations which factor in to the selection of projects to be included in the Capital Facility Plan.  The SWIP document includes the Capital Facility Plan (CFP) as an appendix.

Please view the file in our Surface Water Management Document Library under Capital Facilities Plans.   

Note - The newest file format is titled "FINAL AS AMENDED 2022-2027 SWIP "