Ferry FAQs

Fuel Service Runs

What is a fuel service run and why is it important? 

Fuel service runs occur on the first and third Monday of each month when the ferry transports gasoline and propane fuel tankers to and from Anderson Island to restock storage tanks at the Anderson Island General Store. This service is critical to ensure Anderson Island residents and visitors have access to fuel while they’re on the island.

Why do we have to cancel passenger service during a fuel service run? 

In accordance with 49 CFR 176.76, only essential personnel (ferry crew and transport driver/helpers) are permitted to travel onboard a ferry carrying hazardous materials.

Why do we do fuel service runs on Mondays?

Fuel is delivered on Mondays to ensure the Pierce County Ferry operators have four consecutive days for maintenance and repairs. We routinely have maintenance items that take more than one day to complete and that also require vendor support. Delivering fuel on any other day would adversely impact our maintenance and repair efforts.

Why don’t we have a second boat running during a fuel service run? 

Coming out of the pandemic, many industries around the country are facing unprecedented staffing shortages, including the Pierce County ferry system and WSDOT ferry system. This is causing us to have to cancel our two boat service. We are working closely with the ferry contractor leadership to navigate a solution for this issue.

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