Behavioral Health Tax

In December 2020, the Pierce County Council passed Ordinance No. 2020-138s authorizing the collection of a 1/10th of one percent sales tax to fund behavioral health and therapeutic court programs within Pierce County. This tax, allowed under RCW 82.14.460, will provide funds for mental health and substance use disorder treatment. Treatment dollars will be targeted toward services not covered by Medicaid, private insurance, or other local or federal grants.

The county began collecting the tax on July 1, 2021. Ordinance 2020-138s required Human Services to work with the Pierce County Behavioral Health Advisory Board to develop a Behavioral Health Improvement Plan. This plan will help identify gaps and needs in the community in order to set funding priorities. The Pierce County Council approved funding for some behavioral health programs while the plan was being developed. These programs are outlined in the Current Programs link below.

1/10th of 1 percent behavioral health info sheet
  1. Behavioral Health Improvement Plan
  2. Metrics
  3. Workforce Report

The BHIP reflects Pierce County’s vision of a community where those with behavioral health needs will have access to a full range of innovative, effective, and culturally competent services, including: 

  • Community education
  • Prevention and early intervention
  • Outpatient and community-based services
  • Crisis and inpatient services
  • Services for justice-involved populations
  • Housing supports for those with behavioral health needs
  • Rural behavioral health services
  • Behavioral health services for underserved populations
  • Programs addressing the behavioral health workforce shortage

For a non-life threatening but urgent behavioral health crisis, please call 9-8-8 or text 741-741.
Are you in need behavioral health services? Find local health providers that meet your specific needs by clicking this link.