Water We Doing for Orcas?

Water We Doing for Orcas Class

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The Salish Sea and Puget Sound are important habitats for our beloved orca population and the salmon they need to survive. In this virtual class, the Pierce County Environmental Educators, in partnership with Surface Water Management and Pierce Conservation District, will share how your water habits at home, and our community choices, impact the quality of these vital waterways. Get tips on how you can have a positive impact on the place we call home.

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Orca Recovery Day

An orca jumping out of the water. On Saturday, Oct. 15, organizations across the region will celebrate Orca Recovery Day. This intentional day of action educates the public about things they can do every day to help one of the Pacific Northwest's most iconic species.

Orcas rely on their main food source, the endangered Chinook salmon, to survive. Due to habitat loss, climate change and increased pollution, it has become even more difficult for migrating salmon to make the journey home to create new fish. 

This Orca Recovery Day, we encourage you to be part of the solution by joining countless others who are creating habits and taking steps to make a better, healthier environment than the one we have now.  Find a habitat restoration event happening near you

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